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Is your heat pump icing up?

A heat pump is designed to extract cold air from your home. It needs to go into defrost mode to switch to cooling mode, so it doesn’t freeze up.

There can be several reasons why a heat pump might ice up, including:

Clogged filters
Blockage by snow, leaves, or grass
Blocked ducts
Low refrigerant levels or leaks
If your heat pump is covered in ice, do not use any sharp objects to try to remove the ice.

Maintenance of the Heat Pump:

Since heat pumps operate nearly year-round, providing heating and cooling for homes and businesses, they require maintenance to ensure they function properly. We will regularly visit your home, inspect, clean, and repair every component of the heat pump, and perform other tasks to ensure the system runs smoothly. Services our technicians can provide include:

Replacing necessary parts
Checking refrigerant levels and operating pressures
Inspecting and cleaning condenser coils
Checking and cleaning the condensate drainage system
Inspecting the thermostat
Checking electrical connections
Reviewing safety controls
Inspecting fan blades and blower wheel
Lubricating motors as needed
Replacing filters (provided by the homeowner)
Checking the overall operation of the system
Like with other systems we offer to our customers, regular maintenance is preferable to heat pump damage or malfunction. Maintaining your heat pump today can help avoid future expenses.

Heat Pump FAQ:

Is it safe for the heat pump to run all night?

The heat pump is designed to run continuously and is intended to run for most of the day. Running the heat pump all night is safe.

How many hours should the heat pump run each day?

The heat pump is designed to run 15-20 hours per day. Running it according to the scheduled times each day will optimize its performance.

Can the heat pump heat the entire house?

Using a heat pump is an efficient way to heat specific areas of a house but is not typically effective for heating the entire house. Heat pumps are becoming more powerful and capable of heating larger areas and some homes.

Is the heat pump cheaper than electric heating?

In general, the monthly costs of a heat pump are lower than those of traditional electric heating. Heat pumps generate heat from outdoor air, significantly reducing energy consumption.

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