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The Thermal Manager Solution for Your Energy Storage Equipment

we are committed to providing customers with the most excellent  thermal management.

Reliable Thermal Management Solution for Energy Storage

Temperature is a crucial variable in many industrial and mechanical processes. Diverse applications require integrated thermal management solutions to help remove excess heat. When it comes to product design and engineering, it’s essential to understand some key thermal management concepts and the fundamentals of managing temperature in electronic devices. 


Enabling energy load shifting, by exploiting energy from renewable sources when it’s abundant, and storing it for later use. Thermal Energy Storage (TES) solutions, like Heatcube, ensure energy is consumed at its greenest and lowest cost.



Reduce energy costs

Decarbonize heat production

Reduce the cost of energy by charging Heatcube when electricity is cheaper at night, and take advantage of competitive prices.

Use Heatcube to run production without producing CO2. No emissions mean another saving – no additional CO2 taxes.

Secure energy supply

Remove fossil fuels

Heat stored means it is available when you need it. With a secure energy supply, fluctuations in the energy market have less impact, leaving pricing margins safe from political influence.


Charge with electricity from renewables. Being able to charge and discharge Heatcube simultaneously means there is flexibility to accommodate the intermittence of solar and wind power sources.

Typical Application

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