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Commercial Heat Pumps

Specifically designed for large applications, the Ecodan range of air source and ground/water source heat pump monobloc systems can operate singularly, or form part of a multiple unit system. Our high energy efficiency systems can provide renewable energy for any commercial building

Scalable for all sizes and types of commercial buildings, heat pump solutions can make the switch to full or hybrid electric HVAC seamless. Trane can help you make the most informed choice possible for optimizing energy efficiency, surpassing decarbonization goals, meeting evolving building codes and more.

One Stop Solution

In the system, space heating, cooling and domestic hot water can be realized. In heating mode, the outlet water temperature can cover 30-62℃, which can meet the needs of different terminals such as floor heating, fan coil and radiator.

One stop solution

Wide Range of Operation

If the ambient temperature drops to certain point and heat pump is unable to cover the heating demand, ThermaX will start the auxiliary heat source for the additional heating capacity. When the ambient temperature drops below the protected point, ThermaX will shut down for protection and the auxiliary heat source will provide all the heating capacity.
Note: Auxiliary heat source and domestic hot water shall be installed according to the actual use requirements.

Application at different terminals

The heating outlet water temperature can cover 30-62℃, which can meet the needs of different terminals such as floorheating, fan coil & radiator.

Heat Pumps Are the Premier Means to Heat and Cool Buildings

As part of a collaborative process with Trane, electrified HVAC systems can be expertly designed and implemented with reliable heat pump technologies and strategies. We can provide you with essential knowledge and heat pump innovation to reduce emissions and optimize performance.

How we help?

Leverage a Holistic Heat Pump Approach

Compared to other providers, Trane’s wide range of fully packed heating and cooling equipment is integrable with building level controls and digital services. You tell us your vision, and we’ll help make it happen.


1. Assess

Local experts assess your spaces to start future-proofing them around your business goals, key regulatory drivers and available incentives.


2. Mitigate

Local experts provide best practices in heat pump system design that are specific to your application—including equipment and controls—and then implement the solutions.

3. Manage

Localized support and 24/7 remote connectivity provide ongoing optimization and proactive maintenance for continuous uptime and efficiency—even long after installation.


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