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Congratulations! Shenling earned the “Zero Energy Consumption Building” certifications for both design and operation.

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Shenling Production Base III in High-tech Zone achieves “Zero Energy Consumption Building” design and operational certificates

    On October 31, 2023, China Association of Building Energy Efficiency released the ‘Public Announcement for the Seventh Batch of Nearly Zero Energy Consumption Building Evaluation Projects in 2023. Shenling Production Base III in High-tech Zone passed the operational stage evaluation as a ‘Zero Energy Consumption Building.’ smoothly. And a year ago, this same project had also successfully cleared the evaluation for “Zero Energy Consumption Building” design. Consequently, Shenling has now attained dual certification for both design and operational as a ‘Zero Energy Consumption Building’

Zero Energy Building Operation Certificate

Zero Energy Building Design Certificate

   According to reports, the evaluation of “Zero Energy Buildings” aligns with the national standards GB51350-2019 “Technical Standard for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings”, the China Association of Building Energy Efficiency’s group standard T/CABEE003-2019 “Evaluation Standard for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings” and the China Association of Building Energy Efficiency’s “Management Measures for the Evaluation of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings”. Based on operational data from July 2022 to July 2023, the comprehensive energy-saving rate of Shenling Production Base III was 100%, with a building energy-saving rate of 41.47% and a renewable energy utilization rate of 100%. Which meets the requirements for Zero Energy Buildings, exhibiting significant economic benefits and substantial societal impact. This project is poised to advance the development of nearly zero energy consumption in large public buildings, particularly in regions with hot summers and warm winters, serving as a technological demonstration for similar constructions in these areas.

 Project Introduction                                                                                                      

Shenling Production Base III is located in Shunde High-tech Zone (Xingtang), Foshan City, Guangdong —a region with warm summers and mild winters. Spanning 13,500 SQM, this site integrates intelligent manufacturing, testing validation, and smart office spaces. It comprises factory buildings, complex building, research and development facilities, with an investment exceeding 1 billion RMB. Positioned as a ‘Digital Low-carbon Lifecycle Park,’ its aim is to establish a three-fold benchmark of ‘Smart Park, Intelligent Manufacturing, and Smart Products.’ The goal is to establish a leading global center for the research and manufacturing of specialized environmental systems.

  Nestled in Foshan City’s Shunde District, Guangdong Province, the Shenling Environmental High-tech Zone is a testament to cutting-edge sustainable development. At its core lies the R&D Building, a pioneering structure showcasing the zenith of eco-friendly construction practices and innovative energy solutions.


  Spanning an expansive 22,795.32 square meters with a towering height of 28.95 meters across six floors, the R&D Building stands as a beacon of ingenuity. Designed primarily for office and research purposes, this structure embodies the essence of a zero-energy consumption building—an accomplishment acknowledged by various esteemed bodies.


  Recognized as a typical case of zero-energy consumption architecture by Guangdong Province’s Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, it has further received accolades as an excellent demonstration project for comprehensive smart energy solutions. Additionally, being part of the first wave of pilot projects for carbon neutrality and a standout among the top ten green, low-carbon, and energy-efficient demonstrations in Shunde District underlines its exceptional environmental significance.


  The building’s construction didn’t rely solely on traditional methods; instead, it integrated a blend of active and passive technologies. By optimizing the building’s envelope and employing natural ventilation, lighting, shading techniques, and advanced energy-efficient systems, the structure drastically curtails its energy demands. Innovative measures in air conditioning, lighting, and elevator systems have been deftly woven into its design, significantly enhancing their efficiency.


  Moreover, a holistic energy solution has been employed, merging various sources like photovoltaic power generation, integrated photovoltaic-thermal technology, and diversified energy storage. This approach not only harnesses clean energy but also recovers and utilizes low-grade thermal energy, establishing an intricate yet sustainable energy ecosystem.


  This concerted effort in energy management, encompassing clean energy utilization, waste heat recovery, and smart energy governance, represents a pivotal step towards a greener and more sustainable future. The Shenling Environmental High-tech Zone stands as a testament to the possibilities of harmonizing innovation and environmental responsibility, setting a global benchmark for specialized environmental systems’ research and manufacturing.

Definition of Zero Energy Consumption Building                                                         

  Zero Energy Building (ZEB) is an advanced form of Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB). ZEB maximizes the use of renewable energy resources within and around the building, ensuring that the annual renewable energy production exceeds or equals the building’s total annual energy consumption. Simultaneously, it adapts to climatic and site conditions, significantly reducing heating, cooling, and lighting needs through passive architectural design. Additionally, it employs active technological measures to maximize the efficiency of energy equipment and systems, providing comfortable indoor environments with minimal energy consumption. The indoor environmental parameters and energy efficiency indicators comply with specified standards.

                                                             Exterior of Zero Energy Building


                                                            Interior of Zero Energy Building

High-Efficiency Large Temperature Difference Water Chilled Air Conditioning System                                                                                                

  Shenling Production Base III stands as a pinnacle of sustainable architecture—an exemplar of ‘Zero Energy Consumption Buildings.’ It employs an ultra-large temperature difference water-chilled, highly efficient refrigeration system. The system’s design maintains a chilled water return temperature of 4/17℃. Achieving an outstanding annual target energy efficiency ratio of 5.5+ (under water storage cooling conditions), the refrigeration system in the machine room excels.

  The air conditioning terminal utilizes cutting-edge technology, featuring ultra-large temperature difference series-connected counterflow and direct-current brushless motor technology. This design enables seamless operation with significant temperature variations and precise airflow regulation. Moreover, the fresh air system integrates EC fans and variable air volume controllers along the fresh air duct. This setup dynamically adjusts the airflow based on indoor CO₂ levels, ensuring on-demand supply of fresh air. Simultaneously, it responds to vertical shaft pressure by modulating fan frequency, thereby optimizing the total fresh air unit’s airflow. This strategic adjustment reduces the cooling load and energy consumption of the fresh air system.


  The annual energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioning system is maintained at ≥4.2, ensuring consistent cost-saving, carbon-reducing, and energy-efficient performance throughout the year.

                                                             Integrated Energy Application Technology

                                                           Prefabricated Smart Energy Station

                                                                      Skyline Smart Energy Station

                                                                      Chilled Water Storage Tank

Renewable energy systems                                                                                            

  Shenling Production Base III is a ‘Zero Energy Consumption Building.’ It utilizes the park’s rooftops for the installation of solar photovoltaic panels, with an installed photovoltaic capacity of 6.41MWp. It connects to the factory’s distribution network through two 10kV grid access points. The generated electricity from the photovoltaic system meets the annual energy consumption requirements of the zero-energy building. The surplus energy, exceeding the building’s consumption, is prioritized for the park’s production needs and then integrated into the grid.

  Simultaneously, the Building itself incorporates PVT (Photovoltaic Thermal) panels and solar thermal panels on its roof. The electricity generated by the PVT panels is stored in energy storage cabinets primarily for the operation of heat pump water heaters. The heat generated by the PVT and solar thermal panels is used for preheating domestic hot water. Additionally, the outdoor ground carport of the R&D Building is equipped with photovoltaic panels. The energy storage cabinets store the electricity generated by these panels for use in new energy vehicle charging stations and office electricity.

                                               Photovoltaic power generation system

                                               Solar photovoltaic thermal (PVT) systems

                                       Integrated optical storage and charging system

Smart energy management system                                                                               

  Shenling Production Base III Base stands proudly as a ‘Zero Energy Consumption Building.’ Powered by Shenling IoT as its data backbone, this structure integrates a cutting-edge smart energy management platform utilizing IoT, big data, and cloud computing technologies. This advanced amalgamation enables a real-time, holistic oversight of the building’s air conditioning, elevators, lighting, and other vital systems.

  By merging computational analysis and management, it achieves an optimized energy usage structure and enables an ‘informational’ and ‘visual’ approach to control and optimize energy consumption. This multifaceted strategy ensures every area is maintained clean, comfortable, and energy-efficient, aligning with the broader goal of sustainable and efficient operations.

Vertical Integrated Solution                                                                               

 This project adopts a holistic approach across its entire lifecycle, spanning energy planning, detailed design, bespoke equipment development, integrated implementation, commissioning, intelligent centralized control, and smart operational maintenance. Utilizing an integrated environmental control solution, it incorporates Shenling Environmental’s cutting-edge technologies in low-carbon practices, building environmental management, and digital intelligence. With a focus on system design objectives and prioritizing optimal lifecycle performance, the project aims for unified design and execution, emphasizing low-carbon energy efficiency and effective management. This comprehensive strategy aims to provide clients with a full-cycle service offering lower initial investment, superior energy conservation, enhanced functionality, and peak performance

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