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Hybrid Heating System
Through combination with auxiliary heat sources, e.g. gas boiler, electric water heater, etc, ThermaX can be configured into a hybrid heating system. ThermaX will take the control as a master unit to promise a powerful and energy efficient.
Note: Auxiliary heat source and domestic hot water shall be installed according to the actual use requirements.
Code Assembly unit Code Assembly unit
1 Main unit 11.1 Coil1: heat exchanger for heat pump
2 User interface 11.2 Coil2: heat exchanger for Solar energy
3 SV1:3way valve(Field supply) 12 Filter(Accessory)
4 Balance tank(Field supply) 13 Check valve(Field supply)
4.1 Automatic air purge valve 14 Shut-off valve(Field supply)
4.2 Drainage valve 15 Filling valve(Field supply)
5 P_C1: Outside circulation pump(Field supply) 16 Drainage valve(Field supply)
6 P_C3: Solar pump(Field supply) 17 Collector/distributor(Field supply)
7 P_C4: DHW pipe pump(Field supply) 18 Hot water tap(Field supply)
8 SV3:3 way valve(Field supply) 19 Bypass valve(Field supply)
9 Solar panel(Field supply) AHS Auxiliary heat source(Field supply)
10 Expansion vessel(Field supply) FHL Floor heating loop(Field supply)
11 Domestic hot water tank(Field supply) FCU Fan coil unit(Field supply)
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