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Hybrid Mode
If the ambient temperature drops to certain point and heat pump is unable to cover the heating demand, ThermaX will start the auxiliary heat source for the additional heating capacity. When the ambient temperature drops below the protected point, ThermaX will shut down for protection and the auxiliary heat source will provide all the heating capacity.
Note: Auxiliary heat source and domestic hot water shall be installed according to the actual use requirements.
Code Assembly unit Code Assembly unit
1 Main unit 11.1 Coil1: heat exchanger for heat pump
2 User interface 11.2 Coil2: heat exchanger for Solar energy
3 SV1:3way valve(Field supply) 12 Filter(Accessory)
4 Balance tank(Field supply) 13 Check valve(Field supply)
4.1 Automatic air purge valve 14 Shut-off valve(Field supply)
4.2 Drainage valve 15 Filling valve(Field supply)
5 P_C1: Outside circulation pump(Field supply) 16 Drainage valve(Field supply)
6 P_C3: Solar pump(Field supply) 17 Collector/distributor(Field supply)
7 P_C4: DHW pipe pump(Field supply) 18 Hot water tap(Field supply)
8 SV3:3 way valve(Field supply) 19 Bypass valve(Field supply)
9 Solar panel(Field supply) 20 SV3:3 way valve(Field supply)
10 Expansion vessel(Field supply) 21 P_C2: Zone2 circulation pump(Field supply)
11 Domestic hot water tank(Field supply) AHS Auxiliary heat source(Field supply)
FHL Floor heating loop(Field supply)
FCU Fan coil unit(Field supply)
RAD Radiator(Field supply)
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