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Exciting news! Shenling (Gaozhou) Base Project Signing Ceremony Successfully Held

On December 5th, 2023, the signing ceremony for the ‘Shenling Special Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing (Gaozhou) Project’ took place in Gaozhou, Maoming. Notable attendees included Luo Huanghao, Deputy Secretary of the Maoming Municipal Committee, Wang Changqing, a Member of the Maoming Municipal Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, Wang Turui, a Member of the Maoming Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Gaozhou Municipal Committee, and Xu Dongtao, Deputy Director of the Foshan Municipal People’s Congress and Chairman of the Municipal General Union. Representatives from Guangdong Shenling Environmental Systems Co., Ltd., including Cui Yingqi, Chairman, and Pan Zhanhua, President, participated in this momentous signing event.


 Project Overview 


The ‘Shenling Special Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing (Gaozhou) Project’ marks a strategic initiative for Shenling to delve deeper into specialized industries and expand the applications of specialized products. Spanning over 10 hectare with a construction area exceeding 65,000 square meters, this project boasts an initial investment surpassing 400 million RMB. Its product range aims to serve national foundational and strategic emerging industries, encompassing complete sets of nuclear power ventilation and air conditioning systems, specialized air conditioning for offshore wind power, and specialized ventilation air conditioning for underground coal mines. Specifically targeting nuclear power products, an annual development and production plan is projected to meet the environmental demands of the third-generation advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant (Hualong One unit)


Significance of the Project  


Amidst the initiative to promote the ‘High-Quality Development Project of Hundreds of Counties, Thousands of Towns, and Ten Thousands of Villages,’ the ‘Shenling Special Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing (Gaozhou) Project’ emerges as Shenling’s first venture beyond Foshan into the southern region and represents the company’s fifth research and development manufacturing base. This project signifies a crucial investment step for the company, aligning with its strategic deployment and fostering the high-quality development of Shenling.

Project Objectives 


The base aims to set a benchmark for high-end manufacturing in the local landscape. Embracing the concept of an intelligent park, it will amalgamate Shenling’s cutting-edge technologies in low-carbon practices, building environmental control, and digital intelligence. Employing advanced intelligent manufacturing technologies and equipment, the project seeks to attract top-notch innovative talents. Once fully operational, it anticipates generating an annual output value exceeding 1 billion RMB.


The investment and construction of the ‘Shenling Special Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing (Gaozhou) Project’ represent a significant milestone in Shenling’s growth journey. Going forward, the company plans to collaborate extensively, harness superior resources, expedite project construction, drive corporate development, and synchronize with local socioeconomic progress, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.”

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