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What Is a Cascade System?

A cascade system involves the integration of multiple heat pump units to cater to larger heating and hot water requirements in a property. These units can function simultaneously, addressing various tasks like heating and hot water provision or dividing the property’s demand between them.

cascade system

Operational Mechanism

A key feature of cascade systems is their unified control system. When temperatures are moderate, a single heat pump efficiently heats the property. As temperatures drop, the secondary unit might be activated to provide additional heating support or supply hot water, as needed.

By managing heating and hot water requirements through a single control system, these pumps ensure optimal operation. This might involve one unit handling heating while the other manages domestic hot water, or both units collaborating for heating in extreme cold conditions, maintaining efficiency throughout.

Advantages of Cascade Systems

For larger residences or buildings, a single heat pump might exceed the capacity of the electricity supply. This limitation can be bypassed effectively by employing cascade systems, making them an ideal solution. While domestic heat pumps typically deliver around 12-14kW, cascade systems address higher demands seamlessly.

Commercial Applications

In commercial settings with substantial and fluctuating heat and hot water demands, cascade heat pump systems offer significant advantages. They can serve as an effective decarbonization strategy, providing heating solutions even in the absence of modulating heat pumps.

Efficiency and Considerations

Cascade systems tailored for boiler temperature ranges simplify retrofitting without altering existing heating systems. However, the dual compressor operation leads to higher electrical demand, necessitating larger electrical supplies. The system’s complexity may elevate operational and maintenance costs, factors to consider alongside installation.

Air source heat pump cascade systems represent a groundbreaking solution for large-scale heating and hot water demands. Their flexibility and adaptability make them suitable for various residential and commercial applications, revolutionizing the way properties are heated and supplied with hot water.

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