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Shenling ETS Brings The New launching Heat Pump Solutions to Warsaw HVAC Expo


Warsaw Expo is held in Poland from 1-3 March. As one of the largest and most influential HVAC events in the world, the Warsaw expo brings together innovative products and cutting-edge technology to the HVAC industry. More than 300 exhibitors from 55 countries gathered to showcase the diversified HVAC product and service range. Shenling brings the latest air source product lines to showcase at Warsaw Expo, including air source heat pumps (ATW heat pumps), commercial heat pumps, heating equipment, and other energy storage systems. 


Shenling air source heat pump installed


Shenling ETS presented its one-stop energy-saving solutions at Warsaw Expo 2023, including the ThermaX R32 ATW heat pump, commercial heat pump, R32 Pool heat pump, and residential energy storage system. Shenling ETS Air to Water Heat Pump integrates space heating, cooling, and sanitary hot water (DHW) together and let households can enjoy one-stop heating solution. The product enables smart multi-zone control with an application on the smartphone, allowing users to adjust the temperatures of different areas and meet specific needs and demands of users.


For energy-saving and carbon reduction purposes, all of the heating equipment, including ThermaX ATW heat pumps, Commercial heat pumps, R32 Pool Heat Pump can utilize solar energy generated from rooftop PV panels that could be utilized with an energy storage system. At the exhibition, Shenling ETS also presented the whole energy storage system, it stores excess solar energy and provides a safe and uninterrupted supply of electricity to the home. These products work together to create an environmentally friendly, low-carbon, one-stop solution for space heating, space cooling, domestic hot water (DHW), and pool heating.


Shenling Warsaw expo
Shenling Warsaw HVAC expo
Shenling air source heat pump installed

Under the context of global warming and the energy crisis, this exhibition placed extreme importance on energy-saving and green products. The one-stop environmentally friendly heating and energy storage solutions presented by Shenling ETS were thus a main attraction for both industry experts and business leaders. From the end users’ perspectives, Shenling ETS’s solution for the energy storage system allows our clients to store and utilize cleaner energy with greater safety and which also improves energy efficiency and lowers carbon emissions.


At the exhibition, Shenling ETS’s booth gained tremendous attention. After a detailed introduction of green energy solutions, industry professionals, construction and real estate developers, HVAC buyers, and distributors expressed their intention to cooperate with Shenling ETS. With the remarkable increasing demand for energy-saving heat pump products in Europe, Shenling has ushered in a wave of development opportunities in mainland Europe and the global market. To help combat the energy crisis, Shenling ETS will continue to promote its net-zero emissions program and provide products with higher efficiency, lower carbon emissions, and greater reliability.


Shenling air source heat pump installed

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