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Shenling ThermaX Heat Pump at ISH Expo

Following the HVAC exhibition in Warsaw, Poland, Shenling again presented at ISH 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany. Shenling showcased the ThermaX series of ultra-low temperature heat pump heating products and Shenling Smart Eco Energy System solutions developed specifically for the European market at the ISH HVAC & Water Expo.


heat pump ISH expo Shenling


ISH is the world’s largest and most famous exhibition for the bathroom and heating industry, which not only provides an important platform for exhibitors, but also provides a good communication platform for architects, engineers, and related industry experts and businessmen, and is the best way for bathroom facilities, heating, and air conditioning enterprises to display new products and release further information. ISH 2023 was held in Frankfurt, Germany, from March 13 to 17, and this exhibition focused on innovative products and cutting-edge technologies in the heat pump and heating industry.


Following the warm-up at Warsaw, Shenling’s green and energy-saving products and system solutions received more attention from a broader range of customers during the show. The booth was full of customers during the exhibition, gathering professional customers from European countries and even the Middle East. 


Shenling HVAC ISH expo


Shenling’s independently developed ThermaX series ultra-low temperature air heat pump system can provide one-stop solutions for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water for European households, and can meet the needs of different regions and different ambient temperatures in Europe. Through intelligent dual temperature zone control, it can meet the independent temperature control of users without heating mode, which brings the ultimate comfort experience for users. The smart grid function can identify different electricity price information and automatically select a more cost-saving operation strategy for users, greatly reducing their usage costs. ThermaX heat pump series is designed to ensure energy saving and comfortable at the same time, and let the users experience intelligent, efficient, and low operating costs.

Shenling intelligent energy system integrates “capacity – energy storage – energy use – energy management” in one, using a photovoltaic heat system to provide green energy, through the storage system to provide users with all-weather green energy, to further reduce household energy support, and contribute to European clean energy plan.


In the context of global warming and the energy crisis, energy-saving and low-carbon products are receiving more and more attention. Based on its professional accumulation in the field of environmental control and in-depth understanding of industry applications, Shenling has always been committed to providing users with professional and efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly integrated solutions. In the future, Shenling’s Intelligent Energy System will provide safer and greener integrated solutions of solar storage and heat storage for global customers to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


Shenling HVAC ISH expo

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