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Shenling Attend The 24th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF)

The 24th China Hi-Tech Fair hold in Shenzhen on November 15, 2022. The Global Clean Energy Science and Technology Innovation Expo, as an important part of the China Hi-Tech Fair, comprehensively focus on photovoltaic and wind Electricity, hydropower, nuclear power, hydrogen energy, geothermal energy, natural gas, energy Internet, comprehensive energy services, energy conservation, finance and other links.


In this exhibition, Shenling launched green and low-carbon highlight products: hydropower/pumping/nuclear power/offshore wind power temperature control system, energy storage heat Management system (air cooling, liquid cooling temperature control unit), lithium battery production workshop low temperature regeneration low dew point runner dehumidification unit, digital energy ring “Ling Carbon Cloud” AIoT management platform, prefabricated intelligent energy station, digital energy Ring vertical integrated solution, with digital low-carbon thinking to empower the transformation and upgrading of industrial manufacturing industry.

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