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Shenling Air Source Heat Pumps Acquire recognition in ISH Expo 2023

ISH HVAC and Water Expo will be held from 13th to 17th March at the Messe Frankfurt. Shenling, a leading heat pump company in China, brings its latest air source heat pumps to ISH Expo 2023, stand G32, Hall 11.


ISH Frankfurt, Germany, is a leading air-conditioning technology, building, bathroom, and renewable energies trade fair in the world. ISH Frankfurt is one of the most influential exhibitions for the HVAC industry, offering heat pump manufacturers and retailers new and innovative possibilities in the field of heating and cooling solutions to make it to a broader audience. About 2400 international exhibitors present their latest products in an area of approximately 260000 square meters.


ISH expo AIR source heat pump


Shenling ETS would like to showcase its hot selling R32 air source heat pumps, commercial heat pumps and other heating system solutions at the ISH expo. Shenling believes the characteristics of intelligence control, compact design, and the dual temperature zone control of its heat pump solutions will attract many audiences’ interests.


Moreover, Shenling will present the whole energy storage system at the ISH HVAC expo. Under the purpose of energy-saving and low carbon pursuit, all of the heating equipment, for example, ThermaX Air source heat pump, commercial industrial heat pump, swimming pool heat pump, would be able to operate with rooftop PV panels and the energy storage system. By storing excess solar energy and offering uninterrupted electricity supplies to the home, the products will create a low carbon and greener world together.


In order to achieve the global goal of Carbon Zero and help Europe cope with the energy crisis, the energy efficient heating solutions that reduce carbon emissions and save billing costs would be needed. Shenling’s heat pump product portfolio would be the major trend in the heat pump industry.


Shenling air source heat pumps
Shenling Air source heat pump
Shenling air to water heat pumps
Shenling commercial heat pump


Come and see Shenling’s air source heat pumps, commercial heat pumps, and the whole energy storage system at ISH HVAC & Water Expo at Messe Frankfurt 2023, Stand G32, Hall 11, from 13th March to 17th March.





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