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Shenling: A Heat Pump Manufacturer with Flexible and Reliable Solutions

Heating and cooling are essential for any commercial or residential space, especially in areas with extreme weather conditions. However, traditional heating and cooling systems can be costly, inefficient, and harmful to the environment. That’s why you should consider Shenling, a high-profile heat pump manufacturer with over 20 years of experience and innovation.

The Shenling Polestar E Series commercial heat pumps have a heating belt around the electric compressor’s crankcase which helps maintain its temperature in colder areas or when in standby mode. This is important because it prevents refrigerant oil from becoming too cold and solidifying, which can negatively affect the compressor’s performance and lifespan. Additionally, it reduces the risk of liquid refrigerant getting into the compressor during startup.

What are the Features of the Polestar E Series Commercial Heat Pump?

The Polestar E Series commercial heat pump uses an electric heating belt in the compressor crankcase and a large gas-liquid separator to prevent liquid refrigerant from entering the compressor and causing liquid hammer damage. The liquid hammer prevention technology protects the compressor from liquid refrigerant damage, ensuring system reliability and performance.

Optimal Efficiency and Protection

The Polestar E Series commercial heat pump has an equipment protection function that monitors the system parameters and protects the equipment from abnormal conditions such as high or low pressure, high or low temperature, overload, phase loss, etc. The equipment protection function can also automatically adjust the operation mode according to the ambient temperature, ensuring optimal efficiency and comfort.

 Enhanced Safety and Performance

 The Shenling Polestar E Series has introduced another two features that enhance both safety and performance. The first is an electric heating belt that helps to maintain the proper viscosity of the oil, preventing issues such as liquid slugging and poor lubrication which can damage the compressor. A generous gas-liquid separator ensures that the compressor is not affected by any liquid refrigerant, which contributes to its efficiency and lifespan. As a result, these innovative characteristics of the equipment significantly reduce the likelihood of equipment failure, enabling businesses to save on maintenance and repair expenses while optimizing system efficiency.


Shenling is a heat pump manufacturer with flexible and reliable solutions for heating and cooling. Its heat pump products have high efficiency, energy saving, intelligent control, remote monitoring, modular design, easy installation, and environmentally friendly refrigerant features. Our Polestar E Series commercial heat pump also has liquid hammer prevention technology, electric control system with strong-weak current separation, and equipment protection function features that enhance system reliability, performance, safety, and peace of mind.

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