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Shenling Heat Recovery & Low Temperature Series Air Source Heat Pump Case in Xi’an Peace Chinese Medicine Hospital

Xi’an Peace Chinese Medicine Hospital was established in 2017 and is located in the cultural and educational core area of Xi’an’s main city, many historic buildings and museums are all located nearby. The hospital covers an area of 11 mu (Chinese unit of land measurement), with a construction area of nearly 30,000 square meters, and is built in two phases. The hospital is covered with green trees, has a beautiful environment and first-class equipment and facilities, and is a large-scale Chinese medicine (comprehensive) hospital in northwest China.


Shenling heat pump case in hospital


Relying on advanced medical resources, helping Xi’an Peace Chinese Medicine Hospital explores a new medical and health care service model integrating medical treatment, elderly care, rehabilitation, life care, and hospice care, providing specialized medical treatment and quality medical security services for the elderly and relieving the burden of medical care for children and families.


Shenling heat pump case in hospital


Xi’an city has four distinct seasons: cold, warm, dry and wet, with cold winters and a minimum temperature of -10℃. Winter is a “hurdle” for the elderly, and the resistance of the elderly to cold temperatures is very weak, so the ability of the elderly to spend the winter safely is a major concern for their children.

According to the climate characteristics of Xi’an, hospital environment’s needs of  the air conditioning system, Shenling selected nine 150kW heating capacity low-temperature heat pump units, two 68kW heating capacity heat recovery units, units through the interconnection control as the hospital air conditioning system host.


Shenling heat pump case in hospital


Comfortable and warm, Shenling low-temperature heat pumps satisfy the needs of hospital heating in the winter

Shenling low-temperature heat pump using EVI enthalpy injection system, enthalpy injection compressor supplemented by secondary throttling technology and advanced system design, low-temperature heating capacity increased by 20%, in -15 ℃ can still provide stable 50 ℃ high-temperature water, higher energy efficiency, wider operating range.

Shenling low-temperature heat pump has perfect anti-freeze protection, optional automatic/manual defrost, and intelligent defrost through multi-variable comprehensive analysis. The longest is 180 minutes without frost in a low-temperature environment, with longer heating time, and higher comfort. Let the hospital winter be no longer cold, the elderly enjoy a warm and comfortable convalescent environment.


Shenling heat pump case in hospital
Shenling heat pump case in hospital

Economical and efficient! Free hot water production

Shenling heat recovery heat pump units and low-temperature units through the interconnection control. To meet the needs of cooling in summer at the same time, the two heat recovery units in the summer can use the waste heat generated by the unit, to provide the hospital with 30 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ of domestic hot water for free, compared to the combination of the traditional central air conditioning and hot water machine (or boiler), not only save another set of equipment and water system investment costs but also save the equipment footprint and initial investment costs. In excessive seasons and winter, the use of low-temperature heat pump heating and heat recovery unit separate hot water mode to meet the heating needs at the same time can also meet the demand for hot water.

Shenling air source heat pump has been used in Xi’an Peace Chinese Medicine Hospital for two cooling seasons and one heating season, the unit operation is stable and economically efficient, contributing to the hospital’s comfortable environment and the elderly cooling and heating health.


Shenling heat pump case in hospital

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