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How does heat pump work in cold weather? – Lhasa Customs Paramilitary Project


Many families have encountered the situation of heat pumps freezing up in winter, ensuring the heat pump runs constantly in winter is a very important issue. It is not an easy thing for a heat pump water heater unit runs constantly in cold weather. The Lhasa Customs paramilitary project is one of Shenling’s successful commercial heat pump projects, demonstrating how heat pumps can operate stably in winter and avoid heat pump freeze up in winter.


Lhasa is one of the first national historical and cultural cities. Lhasa is famous for its beautiful scenery, long history, unique customs and folklore. Lhasa Customs paramilitary project is located in Lhasa. The project is built to meet the needs of the General Administration of Customs to further promote the construction of paramilitary customs disciplinary forces and to assist Tibetan cadres to adapt to high-altitude climatic conditions.


Lhasa is located in the middle of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, 3650 meters above sea level, with thin air, low temperature, large temperature difference between day and night, cold, dry and windy in winter and spring. The special altitude and environmental climate of Lhasa have a great impact on the stability of heat pump operation in winter.


Shenling Lhasa heat pump case


In such special working conditions, the stability and safety of conventional heat pump units can hardly meet the requirements of the plateau region. The heat dissipation fan of ordinary heat pump units causes a significant reduction in the heat dissipation performance of the units. After a field survey, Shenling combined with the characteristics of the climate in Lhasa, selected Shenling Polestar commercial air source heat pump units for the Lhasa Customs to ensure the heat pump efficiency in winter and the stability of the project’s cooling and heating needs.


Shenling Polestar commercia low temperature heat pump with one-piece aluminum alloy large air volume low noise fan, has stable airflow, and long-term use of the air blade will not be deformed. Its unique wing tooth edge design can effective control the air turbulence, reduce cyclone and wind noise generation. Its large air volume design makes up for the loss of air volume due to the reduction of air density caused by the high altitude in Tibet.

The temperature difference between day and night in Lhasa in summer is about 20℃, while the temperature difference in winter is as high as 30℃. The heat pump units must have excellent adjustment ability to adapt to the large temperature difference environment.

Shenlig Lhasa heat pump

The unit is equipped with a high-quality 480-level precision-regulated electronic expansion valve, which is dynamically matched in real-time according to the load demand of the terminal system operation and precisely adjusts the opening degree of the electronic expansion valve to fully enhance the best performance of each component in the system, so that the unit can run stably at any load, automatically adapt to the changing plateau environment temperature and completely solve the oscillation problem of the system.

The frost period in Lhasa can be as early as August each year and last up to the end of June in the following year. The use of heat pumps for heating requires units with reliable defrost functions and the ability to avoid water temperature fluctuations that cause heat pumps blowing cold air in winter.

According to the difference between the evaporating temperature and outdoor ambient temperature and the rate of temperature difference changes during operation, Shenling heat pump determines the amount and speed of frosting of the unit, combined with the heating operation time, and accurately determines the defrosting entry point. Based on the defrosting time, evaporating temperature, and pressure during defrosting and water temperature parameters, the quality of defrosting is evaluated and the control parameters are revised in real-time through data analysis to obtain the best heating effect. Reduce the time to enter the defrost to ensure the heating effect when the humidity is high, and maximize the normal heating operation time when the humidity is low to reduce the water temperature fluctuations caused by defrosting.

Lhasa region is a highland temperate semi-arid monsoon climate, with low rainfall, and  March and April are the months of the year when dusty weather is most likely to occur.


Commercial heat pump cold climate


The wind-side heat exchanger of the unit adopts a hydrophilic aluminum corrugated sheet with small incisions, which are not easy to accumulate dust and corrosion, are more adaptable to the dusty and sandy environment, and has a longer service life. The use of hydrophilic aluminum foil can increase the corrosion resistance, the condensate accumulated on the surface is evenly distributed on the surface to avoid the formation of water droplets in the heat exchanger between the aggregation of blockage, which affects the heat exchange conditions and thus improves the heat exchange rate. At the same time, it can also ensure that the condensed water is quickly discharged during defrosting to avoid freezing.


The annual sunshine time of “Sunshine City” Lhasa is more than 3000 hours (more than 1000 hours compared with Shanghai), coupled with the thin atmosphere and strong solar radiation, which brings severe challenges to the sunscreen and anti-aging ability of the unit.


Shenling Polestar low-temperature heat pump frame using galvanized sheet spray design, which enhances adhesion while improving corrosion resistance. It has strong exterior decoration, aging resistance, and other protective properties, and is more suitable for areas with strong ultraviolet radiation.

Shenling Polestar low-temperature air source heat pump has been used in a large number of winter heating areas in northeast China, north China, northwest China and other places around the world. It presents a case for us to show how do heat pumps work in cold weather and how cold can a heat pump work. Although many heat pump struggles in cold weather, Shenling Polestar commercial heat pump is still able to maximize heat pump efficiency in cold weather. Shenling heat pump technology continues to break through and innovate,  with wider product applicability. On the path of the low carbon strategy, it continues to contribute to the clean heating industry.



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