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Creating A Star-Rated Green Building With Shenling’s Direct Expansion AC units.

In the 1960s, American architect Paul Soleri first proposed the concept of ecological architecture. Following the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992, the Chinese government successively issued several related guidelines and regulations, actively promoting the development of green buildings.


Since the first Chinese building received LEED Gold certification in 2005, the number of green buildings in China has grown exponentially. In 2022, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China set a clear goal: by 2025, newly constructed buildings in urban areas will fully comply with green building standards, with more than 30% being rated as green buildings.


In September 2022, the General Office of the Fujian Provincial Government issued the “Fujian Province Action Plan for Promoting Green Economic Development (2022-2025),” which set the development goal of achieving 100% green buildings in newly constructed buildings in urban areas by 2025. Driven by this goal, the construction of green buildings in Fujian Province has entered the fast lane.


The New Investment Science and Technology Research Center (Zone 1 and Zone 2) project is located south of Yuelake Road in Fuzhou’s Binhai New City. It covers an area of 62.6 acres and has a total construction area of approximately 40,000 square meters, with a total investment of about 650 million yuan. The project is designed according to the star-rated green building standards to create a competitive and long-lasting research and office building. Once completed, it will provide a high-quality scientific and technological research platform for the Southeast Big Data Industrial Park, support the development and talent introduction of the Binhai New City region in various aspects, achieve integration with surrounding industries, enhance the industrial foundation of the Binhai New City, and promote its economic development.

Direct expansion Air conditioning units Shenling

Central air conditioning systems play a vital role in green buildings and their sustainable development. Shenling actively responds to the national goals of green building development by providing a healthier and more energy-efficient central air conditioning solution, thereby promoting the improvement of building energy utilization efficiency.


Shenling selected its direct expansion air handling unit (integrated type) for the New Investment Science and Technology Research Center, meeting the requirements of star-rated green building standards and providing a healthier and more comfortable environment for scientific and technological research work.


Shenling’s direct expansion unit (integrated type) does not require dedicated machine rooms or water systems. It features a compact integrated design, precise temperature and humidity control, and fully meets the energy-saving, comfort, and health requirements of the air conditioning system in the New Investment Science and Technology Research Center. It has the following characteristics:


Clean fresh air injects vitality into green buildings:

Shenling’s direct expansion unit’s fresh air unit is equipped with filter sections that effectively capture and filter airborne particles such as pollen and dust, improving air quality and ensuring the health of staff members.


Integrated design saves space and improves energy efficiency:

Shenling’s integrated direct expansion unit design combines the indoor and outdoor units, saving space in the equipment room, reducing engineering time and installation costs, and minimizing piping length and attenuation. This ensures more efficient unit operation, meeting the energy-saving requirements of green buildings for air conditioning systems.


Intelligent control provides comprehensive support for high-quality environments:

The unit is equipped with Shenling’s standard control system, which monitors the air temperature in real-time and automatically adjusts the equipment operating load to ensure indoor comfort. At the same time, the system has remote monitoring capabilities, with multiple temperature and pressure sensors inside the unit. In the event of a unit malfunction, the factory’s professional technicians can quickly analyze the cause of the failure and provide maintenance guidance, ensuring the stability of unit operation.

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Shenling’s direct expansion unit design is flexible and offers a variety of cooling capacities and functional options. It supports customization to unlock more application scenarios and is suitable for places with high requirements for air temperature, humidity, and cleanliness. It is an ideal air conditioning system solution for industries such as healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, electronics, precision instruments, food, and chemical industries.


In summary, the development of green buildings in China has gained significant momentum since the introduction of the concept in the 1960s. The government has implemented various initiatives and regulations to promote the adoption of green building standards. Projects like the New Investment Science and Technology Research Center in Fujian Province demonstrate the commitment to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly structures.


Shenling, in response to the national green building goals, provides advanced and energy-efficient central air conditioning solutions. Their direct expansion units, designed to meet the requirements of green building standards, contribute to healthier and more comfortable indoor environments. With their features like clean fresh air, integrated design, and intelligent control, Shanghai Ling’s solutions play a crucial role in enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of green buildings.


By embracing green building practices and leveraging innovative technologies, China continues to drive the development of sustainable architecture, ensuring a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

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