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Shenling Ultra-Low Temperature Commercial Heat Pump


Based on the powerful internal R&D team and technical platform, Shenling has launched a new Polestar EVI Pro series of ultra-low temperature air source heat pump units for heating users in serve cold regions worldwide. This series adopts the core technology of ultra-low temperature air source intense heat independently developed by Shenling, so that the unit can operate stably in the extreme environment of -32℃, and the highest temperature water outlet of the unit can reach up to 62℃. It can provide all-in-one solutions for users in commercial and residential places in northern China for heating comfort, and it can also be used in hotels, hospitals, schools, bathing, and other hot water demand occasions.


Shenling commercial heat pump


The heating capacity of the Polestar EVI Pro series unit under single mechanism thermal conditions reaches 170kw, and the heating capacity under low-temperature heating conditions is 110kw. The unit is a modular combination design. The system can be combined with up to 16 modules, maximum heating capacity reaching 2700kw, which can provide heat for 18000 square meters of residential buildings. The large module design reduces the total number of system units, saves the installation areas and pipeline investment.


The Polestar EVI Pro series unit adopts the industry’s leading low-temperature heat pump EVI enhanced vapor Injection compressor, which improves the heating capacity and heating efficiency of the systems to a greater extent than the ordinary low-temperature compressor, and the compressor has a higher seasonal efficiency rate, stronger resistance to liquid hammer, and higher reliability.


shenling heat pump temperature
Shenling heat pump impressor

The unit adopts the core technology of enhanced vapor injection in cold temperatures, and in low temperatures, the heating capacity is 20% higher than the unit using the ordinary compressor, and the heating efficiency is increased by 15%. The unit’s performance is more stable. The Polestar EVI Pro series is especially suitable for the northern area and can replace the boiler to become the preferred energy-saving and environmentally protecting product.


The AI defrosting technology of the Polestar EVI Pro series:

The AI calculation of the unit, combined with multivariate factors, determined whether the unit enters or exists in defrosting mode. Avoid problems such as incomplete defrosting or frequent defrosting.


In intelligent peak-alternation internal defrosting, the number of combined multi-system does not exceed 50% of the total number. In the low-temperature working condition, the unit can run the heating mode for 3 hours continuously without defrosting, providing users with more comfortable experiences.


The Polestar EVI Pro series has various functional response modes for different users’ needs. It can not only be heating and cooling for the space at the same time, but also can be used as special coal to an electric heating machine. Also, it can be used as a boiler to provide users with domestic hot water, realize all in one design. Furthermore, the unit has an ultra-wide water temperature range, which can match multiterminal of heating, meet the diverse needs of users


Shenling is committed to providing the global market with professional, comfortable, perfect commercial air condition solutions, providing global customers with high-quality, high-standard, high-level production, and creating a good environment for all walks of life.


SHenling heat pump case



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