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Shenling ThermaX Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control – Smart Life


Smart life is a mobile application from Shenling ETS that allows users to remotely control their air source heat pump from their cell phone or tablet. The application is available for free and can be used on both Android and IOS systems, allowing them to control the climate of their home at any time, no matter where they are.


Shenling App Control


Never return to cold home again



You’ll never dread going back into a cold house or struggle to get up and shiver in the cold again. The Smart Life app also allows you to set a weekly or even daily schedule, meaning you can set your air source heat pump to heat your home at different times throughout the day.

Using Smart life will also make you feel comfort when you’re out of home, because you know you can check if the air source heat pump is running when no one in home. Besides, the Smart Life app allows you to change the temperature of dual temperature zones. Installation is quick and easy, all you need to do is to connect your Wi-Fi router with the Smart Life communicator, which allows your air source heat pump to send and receive information to and from you over the Internet. Once connected, you can enjoy controlling your air source heat pump no matter where you are.




Shenling ETS will increase investment in Research & Development continually and explore the specific needs and demands of users to provide more suitable products for the European market. Meanwhile, Shenling ETS will upgrade its products’ energy efficiency continuously and develop low-carbon products to help to achieve the goal of global carbon neutrality.


Three main functions: silent mode, eco mode, and holiday mode

Silent mode: When silent mode is selected, ThermaX will change the operation mode of the compressor and fan motor. In this mode, the operating sound will be effectively decreased, while the capacity be decreased slightly.


Holiday mode: Holiday mode is a function to improve system reliability and energy saving. The user can select this mode and set the schedule before going on holiday away from home. ThermaX will work with low water temperatures in space heating and/or DHW mode in order to avoid water from freezing in winter. Before the user’s back, ThermaX will start disinfection automatically to ensure germ-free water is available. The user can also turn it off manually.


Eco mode: With the help of the weather temperature profile, the water temperature will change automatically with the change of outside air temperature at a set time. When the outside air temperature increases/decreases, the heating load will decrease/increase.  



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