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How Much Does It Cost To Run A Heat Pump For 24 Hurs?

Winter Heat Pump Operating Costs

If you’re concerned about the impact of the heat pump on your electricity bill, the table below shows the total cost of operating the heat pump during the winter. The winter heat pump operating costs depend on various factors – some related to the size and condition of your house, some related to the efficiency of the model you’ve purchased, and some related to the geographical location and the way you use the heat pump. Here is an estimated cost breakdown assuming the heat pump is 4-star rated and the electricity cost is 26 cents per kilowatt-hour for 6 months of the year.


6 Months Heat Pump Heating Costs

Costs below $183 mean daily costs are less than $1.


Heat Pump Output 6 months x 3 Hours daily 6 months x 6 Hours daily 6 months x 9 Hours daily
2.5 kW $54.99 $109.98 $164.97
3.5 kW $76.99 $153.97 $230.96
4.5 kW $98.98 $197.97 $296.95
5.5kW $120.98 $241.96 $362.94
6.0kW $142.98 $285.95 $428.93


15 Factors Influencing Heat Pump Operating Costs

The actual operating costs of a heat pump at home vary depending on many factors, including:

  • The size of the rooms, affecting the required heating output in kilowatts.
  • The operating time of the heat pump.
  • The star rating of the selected model – how much energy input is needed.
  • The insulation level of your home affecting the heat pump’s running time.
  • The power company and the electricity rates you pay.
  • The number and type of windows.
  • The orientation of the house (north-facing, south-facing).
  • The average outdoor temperature in your region.
  • The suitability of indoor equipment size.
  • The correct placement of equipment in relation to doors and windows.
  • Regular filter cleaning.
  • Preferred indoor temperature.
  • Continuous or intermittent use of the heat pump.
  • Installation and placement of the outdoor unit.
  • Humidity levels.

Summer Air Conditioning (Heat Pump) Operating Costs

In New Zealand’s temperate climate conditions, almost all heat pumps are reverse cycle, meaning they can both heat and cool. However, New Zealanders tend to open windows rather than using air conditioning.

heat pump installation

The challenge comes at night when mosquitoes are active; opening windows for ventilation might not be wise.


Using the heat pump to cool down on hot and humid nights and using it in the bedroom to aid sleep can be appealing and not too costly. Similar to heating, operating costs depend on various factors including house size, condition, orientation, insulation, and the efficiency of the purchased model. Here is the cost breakdown for cooling, assuming a 4-star rated heat pump and an electricity cost of 26 euro cents per kilowatt-hour for 4 months of the year. Any price below $121 means daily costs are less than $1.


4 month Air-con Cooling Costs


Cooling Output 4 months x 3 Hours/Day 3 months x 3 Hours/day 3 months x 6 Hours/Day
2.5 kW $54.99  $109.98 $164.97
3.5 kW $76.99   $153.97 $  $230.96
4.5 kW $98.98  $197.97 $296.95
5.5kW $120.98  $241.96  $362.94
6.0kW $142.98  $285.95  $428.93

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