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How Is Heat Pump Heating Seasonal Performance Factor hspf Calculated


Heating and cooling systems have various ratings. Due to the existence of terms like SEER, EER, and AFUE, it can be challenging to understand how a system works clearly. If you are looking for a heat pump to keep your Jefferson, Louisiana home warm this winter, then HSPF is what you should be looking for. Understanding HSPF will help you make an informed comparison of heat pumps.



HSPF stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. It measures the efficiency of a heat pump in providing heating for your home. It’s essential to note that a heat pump can both heat and cool. HSPF only relates to the heating capacity of the system. The SEER rating tells you about the cooling efficiency of the heat pump.


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Calculation Method:

The HSPF is calculated by dividing the total heating output during a heating season by the corresponding input power. This rating is an average value that provides an estimate of the system’s annual efficiency. Of course, the heat pump’s operating efficiency may vary in different seasons.


The system’s annual heating demand includes the energy needed for defrost cycles and using auxiliary heat to provide you with the most accurate information. The heat pump’s power consumption is calculated in BTU per watt. The calculation method for BTU per watt involves averaging the energy output at 47 degrees, 35 degrees, and 17 degrees to account for seasonal temperature variations.


Points to Note:

When comparing HSPF ratings, a higher number is better. Good systems typically fall in the range of 8 to 10 HSPF. Heat pumps with an HSPF of at least 8.2 are eligible for the “Energy Star” label, provided their SEER rating is 12 or higher.


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