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Can A Pool Heat Pump Run Continuously?


Balancing Pool Maintenance and Energy Costs

If you are wondering about the ideal duration for running your pool’s water pump to maintain optimal conditions, the answer is to run it continuously 24 hours a day, all year round, as long as the pool is in use. However, we understand that this may not be feasible for most pool owners due to the associated energy costs. Therefore, we can rephrase the question as follows: “How can we determine the appropriate water pump running time that ensures the pool’s optimal condition without incurring exorbitant energy expenses?” However, this remains a challenging question to address because the definition of “expensive” electricity costs and the standards for pool water quality vary among individuals. To approach this issue, let’s begin with the minimum recommended standard.


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The Minimum Circulation Standard

Ideally, every pool should have its entire water volume circulated at least once a day. As a result, most pool owners aim to run the water pump for a duration of 4 to 8 hours daily. However, it is not necessary to run the pump continuously during these 4-8 hours. By spreading out the pump’s running time throughout different periods of the day, you can effectively reduce energy expenses.


Adapting to Specific Pool Needs

The challenge with setting a fixed running time for the water pump lies in the fact that certain situations may require adjusting the duration. For instance, during pool startup, algae clearing, or addressing significant chemical imbalances, it is advisable to run the water pump as much as possible to distribute necessary products and circulate impurities for elimination. Conversely, if your pool maintenance is generally trouble-free or if it is an indoor pool with minimal debris and environmental changes, you can reduce the pump’s running time. By doing so, you can find the optimal balance between maintaining the pool’s appearance and minimizing energy consumption.

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Calculating or Adjusting Based on Preferences

If you are meticulous and dedicated, you have the option to calculate the pool’s running frequency using various factors, such as gallons, pump capacity, debris levels, and chlorine concentrations. Alternatively, a simpler approach is to adjust the running time experimentally until you discover the most suitable duration. We strongly support the latter method as it allows for flexibility and customization.


Finding the Right Balance

New pool owners often worry about the frequency of running the water pump, but excessive concern may not be necessary. Starting with a conservative approach of running the pump for four hours a day and gradually adjusting based on pool conditions will help you find the balance that maintains a clean pool without straining your budget.

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